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Security to communicate freely


Secure chat for personal and group messages with any of your contacts on Ceerus
Voice + Video

End-to-end encrypted high quality voice and video calls with any Ceerus user over any network condition
Security bubbles

Dynamically connect to different servers to change data storage and access policies

Add premium functionality to connect with contacts on apps like WhatsApp and Wickr or call users that don’t have the Ceerus app
Phishing Attacks
Ceerus App authenticates every user to ensure that the person on both sides of the call are who they say they are. This starts from the second the user is onboarded to every single call that takes place, which is encrypted using ID-based encryption to ensure every conversation is authenticated on both sides.
Ceerus App encrypts all data - whether it’s voice, video or chat – using the same end-to-end encryption to prevent eavesdropping.
SS7 Attacks
Weaknesses in the telecoms network can be exploited by hackers to expose your communications. Ceerus encrypts all data “Over The Top (OTT)” to provide an additional level of security on top of your telecoms networks to prevent these types of attacks.
Third Party Protection
We will never share your data with advertisers or monetise your data in any way so you can be sure that your data always stays private.
Hosting and Access Control
With Ceerus Enterprise, you control exactly where the data from the Ceerus App is stored, who hosts the servers and who has access to it. We provide complete control of the entire infrastructure to our customers.
Secure from the ground up

ID-based key management technology called Mikey-Sakke and data encryption using a FIPS140-2 approved implementation of the AES encryption algorithm.


Data Retention
Data retention, deletion and access across all communications channels in an organisation for compliance purposes (e.g. GDPR subject access requests)
Risk and Compliance Monitoring
Control and monitor policy applied on all communications channels
Flexible Hosting
Control data placement and storage both on-premise and in the cloud
Policy Management
Control policy by region, by team, and by project
Control where
you want it

Ceerus Enterprise offers centralised management of a decentralised communications network with regional policy based on jurisdiction


Frictionless user experience
No new apps to download, maintain or support
No user training required
Consistent compliance across channels
Leverage existing infrastructure
Security for every conversation

Manage and monitor cybersecurity risk and compliance across every communication channel using a single platform.


Our Key Management Servers use the Mikey-Sakke standard promoted by the UK government as the next generation standard for regulated environments. Using our online KMS service, enterprise keys for every application can be managed through one single, easy to use API
Voice, video, messaging
Ceerus offers all the functionality needed to setup a secure voice, video and messaging service within your existing apps or to build new ones quickly without worrying about infrastructure setup, scalability or cost of development
User orchestration
User management services, including onboarding, offboarding and authentication can all be accessed using simple APIs that offer industry leading security and processes to ensure a frictionless experience for users while providing highest levels of security using multifactor authentication and ID based encryption as standard
Infrastructure deployment
Cloud services on leading platforms like AWS and Rackspace as well as on-premise deployments can all be managed using simple APIs that take away the complexity of deploying secure communications services at scale with a variety of options for hosting environment and data storage
Compliance out of
the box

Build security into your products and achieve regulatory compliance without heavy investment